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  • Covering a whole spectrum of adult statures including bariatric requirements we have a superb selection of walking aids.
  • Fabulous, easy, accurate scales & balances for all ages and applications.
  • Cross infection a problem? See our range of commodes and shower chairs with synthetic frames.
  • Why not have a look at our huge range of desks which are available in all shapes and sizes to suit just about everyone.
  • Huge collection of lockers in fabulous colours for use inside and out!

Made in Yorkshire. Built to last.

Welcome to proper quality. On our website you’ll find a wealth of superior healthcare products, many of which are made exclusively by our craftsmen in Yorkshire.

We guarantee that all of them are of the highest quality, built to last and offer fantastic value and comfort.

Buy from James Spencer and you’ll also benefit from unbeatable customer service that has kept us at the top of our industry for nearly 70 years.

So take a look around. We promise you won’t be disappointed. And always remember you can call us on 01535 272957 to chat through your personal requirements.

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Until this morning I thought we had the best installation teams but it would appear that we have some competition. How refreshing it has been dealing with your company and what fine ambassadors your delivery chaps have proven to be.

Design Company — Director